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As long as all parties involved are working toward the same end goal, they can be resolved. It would be a lie to claim that you could plan and build a complex building without having any technical problems. The important thing is that we made it through the other side and now the building and all of its components work as they should.

What is the impact of this new manufacturing game on Replica Richard Mille?

Our huge clean room allows us to assemble parts with great flexibility. In watchmaking, you have to constantly puzzle-fit processes together for special constraints. You can't just say "I have this space, and I can fit twelve people there." This is the wrong approach. You want to say, "I've got to do this function," and then optimize the space to accommodate it. And now with 1,100 square meters and almost allopen-plan with very few columns, wehavesuchflexibility.

We've reconfigured the office a few different times since we opened. Our ability to create a highly intuitive and efficient working environment has a wide range of benefits,Replica Watches including improving our craftsmen's experience and elevating the quality. We are now assembling the Portugieser Chronograph, which we launched in early this year to celebrate its 150th anniversary. This will give us more insight into the best way to improve our setup. It is a learning space that can be remodelled as we require and this is a totally different model from that of a traditionalmanufacture

Assembly line for Movement

Will you be based in here?

Well, I would love to be based somewhere. [Laughs] I feel like I'm never based anywhere, because I travel so much. But I do come here with the team once or twice a month to look around, to talk to people and to examine every aspect of the facility to see if there is anything we can improve. The next step is to digitalise our building,Breitling Navitimer Replica so that we can communicate with people around the world. My dream is to broadcast direct question-and answer sessions to people anywhere in the world. We are working hard on this.

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